NFL Package in Lynchburg Virginia

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Package in Lynchburg Virginia

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Are you looking for a place to watch your favorite team? Look no further. Badger on Main has EVERY NFL GAME.

That’s right. We have the NFL package so that you don’t have to. Come down, enjoy a beer and some wings and watch your favorite team.

New to the area or been under a rock and don’t know what Badger on Main is? Well, Badger on Main is the sister restaurant to The Stoney Badger Tavern located on Old Forest Road in Lynchburg Va. We opened a little over two years ago and like our name implies, we are on Main Street in the heart of downtown Lynchburg.

We Pay the Big Bucks So You Don’t Have To

You know how much the DTV Sunday Ticket is for your home. Now imagine what they charge a restaurant. Yeah, yeesh. But for us it is worth it to get a room full of die-hard football fans cheering and enjoying some delicious food and beverages with us.

Come one, come all to Badger on Main and bring your appetite.

You can check out the NFL schedule here